Summer Sessions Is Here for You

You are ready to spend this summer getting yourself that much closer to achieving your degree and career goals, but you have a few questions first. We are ready with the answers! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below to find the answers you seek regarding summer sessions enrollment, financial aid and more. We have also got some helpful R'Web tips that will guide you through the online enrollment process. Plus, check out our list of fantastic resources across UCR ready to support you throughout the summer. 

If you can't find the answer to your question here, contact the Summer Sessions office at or (951) 827-3044. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Help with Enrollment
  • How do I choose my classes?

    Check out the schedule of classes for class schedules, class descriptions, and other important information. The UCR General Catalog has class descriptions and degree requirements, which can be helpful when you are choosing classes. The CNAS office maintains this small list of comparable science and math classes offered at UC campuses. 

    If you need additional guidance and you are a UCR student, your academic advisor can help you choose classes. If you are a visiting student, you should visit your academic advisor/counselor at your home campus to determine which classes to take at UCR during the summer.

  • How do I know if classes at UCR will be accepted for credit at my home college/university?

    In general, UC classes are transferable between UC campuses. However, it is important that all visiting students — whether from another UC or any other school — consult with their academic advisor/counselor at their home institution to determine whether or not classes at UCR will be accepted for credit toward their degree. CNAS maintains a small list of comparable science and math classes at other University of California campuses.

  • Can I get a copy of a specific class syllabus?

    The Summer Sessions office does not maintain class syllabus information. You may find it worthwhile to contact the academic department directly for more help. 

  • How many classes can I take during the summer?

    Students may enroll in a maximum of 15 units. This limit may be increased based on proven academic ability and the feasibility of the student's schedule. If you are an undergraduate UCR student and wish to take more than the maximum load, you will need to contact your academic advisor so they can increase your unit load, or you can complete an Enrollment Adjustment Form (please keep in mind that this form requires the signature of an academic advisor). 

    If you are a graduate UCR student, you will need to contact the advisor of the Graduate Division. If you are a visiting student, it is recommended that you consult with the academic advisor/counselor at your home institution prior to completing, printing and submitting the Enrollment Adjustment Form to our office.

  • How do I enroll in a special studies, internship, research or other variable-unit class?

    If you wish to enroll in a Special Studies course (190 or 290 series courses such as research, internships, etc.) please complete and print the Special Studies Form. The form must be signed by the instructor in charge and (for Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering and the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences only) the academic advisor for the class and returned to the Summer Sessions office for processing. Special studies classes are charged per unit, just like regular classes, and are subject to the regular summer payment deadline.

  • Do I need to send my transcripts to UCR?

    In most cases, you will not need to send transcripts to UCR. The only time you will need to submit a transcript to UCR is if you are trying to enroll in a UCR class that has a prerequisite. If this is the case, you must submit your transcript to the department that is offering the class. Please keep in mind that you must first be an active summer UCR student before your transcripts can be reviewed at UCR. Please include your UCR ID number in your communication with the department so they can appropriately add the permission to your student record, which will allow you to enroll.

  • Enrollment is closed on R'Web. Can I still enroll?

    Each session has a limited time frame to late add if class space permits after the R'Web online registration period closes. To enroll late, please fill out and print the Enrollment Adjustment Form, obtain the required signatures and submit the form to Summer Sessions at the HUB Info Desk. Please keep in mind that late enrollments may result in late fees.

  • I am trying to enroll in a class that has linked activities (e.g., a lecture and a lab, a lecture and a discussion, etc.). How do I enroll?

    You will need to add the primary class (e.g., lecture) and all of its linked activities (e.g., discussions, labs, screenings, etc.) to your Summary in R'Web Registration, and select Add from the dropdown box next to each section. Only select Submit after you have chosen Add from the dropdown box for all the linked activities; otherwise, you will receive an error. You will know that you have successfully enrolled if the class status in the Summary says Registered. Visit the Enrollment section of this site for more information on how to enroll in Summer Sessions classes. 

  • Why won't R'Web let me enroll in a course even though I am enrolled in the prerequisite in another session? (E.g., enrolled in SPN 001 in session A but unable to enroll in SPN 002 in session B.)

    Please contact the Summer Sessions office at so we can help you enroll. As long as you are enrolled in the prerequisite, we can help you enroll in any subsequent course(s). We understand this is inconvenient, and we do apologize--the university is currently exploring solutions with the software vendor. 

  • Can I enroll in classes that have overlapping schedules?

    If you try to enroll in two or more classes that have conflicting schedules, you will encounter a registration error that prevents you from successfully enrolling. However, if you must enroll in both classes, you can complete an Enrollment Adjustment Form. You will need to obtain permission (in the form of a signature) from the instructors of both affected classes. Please keep in mind that the Summer Sessions office does not recommend enrolling in overlapping classes unless absolutely necessary.

  • Am I allowed to audit classes in summer?

    No, auditing classes is not allowed in summer.

  • Will I get a confirmation of enrollment?

    You will not receive written confirmation of your enrollment via email or regular mail. Please log into R'Web to view your current schedule.

  • How do I change my grading basis from a letter grade to an S/NC, or vice versa?

    To change your grading basis, you will need to complete and print the Enrollment Adjustment Form and submit it to Summer Sessions at the HUB Info Desk. 

  • What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a class?

    If you want to get a full refund of your class fees and have no record of that class on your transcript, you must drop the class by the published deadline. You cannot drop a class after this deadline. If the drop deadline has passed but you do not want to receive a grade (either a letter grade or an S/NC), you can elect to withdraw from the class. You will not receive a refund for the class and you will receive a W on your transcript instead of a grade. To withdraw from a class, you will need to submit an Enrollment Adjustment Form to Summer Sessions at the HUB Info Desk.

  • My class was canceled! Now what should I do?

    If your class was canceled, you may enroll in another class in its place or you may elect to receive a refund. In both cases, you will need to go to R'Web, select Registration and drop the cancelled class (if you haven't been dropped already). If you wish to enroll in another class, you may do so and the fees you paid for the canceled class should be credited to the new class.  If you do not want to enroll in another class, simply drop the cancelled class and a credit/refund will automatically be issued to you.

  • When do I pay for a waitlisted class?

    You only pay for classes that you are officially enrolled in. When you add yourself to a waitlist, you are not officially enrolled. However, if you receive an email notification that a space is available and you choose to enroll, you will then be required to pay for the class on the same day that you enroll. If you do not pay for the class after you have enrolled, you may be dropped overnight and you will have to add yourself to the waitlist again if you still need the class.

  • Do waitlisted classes count toward my financial aid unit requirement?

    No. You must be fully enrolled in a class for it to count toward your financial aid unit requirement.

  • How do I get a UCR transcript?

    Transcripts may be requested on R'Web or in person at the Registrar's office. For additional details, please visit the Registrar's website

  • I am a parent/family member of a student, and I have a question about their enrollment/grades/transcripts/etc.

    The Summer Sessions office is bound by FERPA to keep students' educational records private, and we can only speak to the student directly about their record. If you are a parent/family member and you have a general question about Summer Sessions, we are more than happy to help, but if you have a specific question about your child's enrollment, grades, etc., we will have to speak directly with the student. For more information about FERPA at UCR, please see the Registrar's website

Help With Fees
Help with Financial Aid

Please keep in mind that the Summer Sessions office can only answer general questions about financial aid. Learn more about summer financial aid options on the Cost & Aid page. If you have a question about your specific aid package, you will need to contact the Financial Aid office directly at or (951) 827-3878.

Help with Housing

R'Web Help

Having trouble enrolling in classes on R’Web? This section is for you! If you need additional R’Web help, contact Summer Sessions

Accessing R'Web

All summer enrollment takes place online through R'Web. R'Web is a portal that provides access to class schedules, enrollment, records, iLearn, R'Mail and much more. UCR students and visiting (non-UCR) students alike will use R'Web to register for classes.

You will need a NetID and a password to log into R'Web, and you will need to be an active student for summer 2020 to enroll.

If you are a continuing or newly admitted UCR student, you are already an active student and you should have access to R'Web and enrollment. The enrollment process will be the same as it is during the fall, winter and spring quarters.

If you are a visiting (non-UCR) student, you will need to submit the online application form. Once your form is processed (allow three business days for processing), you will be assigned a NetID, which you will use to log into R'Web and to enroll in classes. Please note that if you have previously taken classes at UCR or filled out an application, your student ID number and NetID will stay the same and you may already have access to R'Web; however, registration will be blocked until you submit a summer application.

UCR students with a lapsed or dismissed status will likely be able to log into R'Web with their existing NetID and password, but enrollment will be blocked. To become an active student, dismissed and lapsed students must submit the application. You will receive a confirmation email when your student account has been re-activated so that you can register.

Additional Summer Sessions Resources

For Students

  • Academic Resource Center (ARC) 
    At the ARC you can find a tutor, take part in Supplemental Instruction (SI), attend workshops, get help with your writing, sign up for test prep sessions and so much more. 
  • Campus Map 
    Find your classes, parking lots, dining options and more on the campus map.
  • iLearn
    Connect with your professors, TA's and classmates, complete assignments, and engage in discussions through this virtual classroom.

For Summer Sessions Staff Only

  • R'Web
    Log into the UCR student portal to enroll in classes, check your email, get notifications from the Financial Aid office, find a campus job and more.
  • Undergraduate Education
    Home to programs including University Honors, undergraduate research, UC Sacramento and UCDC, Undergraduate Education can provide the resources and opportunities that will help you succeed at UCR and beyond.
  • University of California Cross-Campus Enrollment
    Take classes taught by world-class UC faculty members online. Satisfy your degree requirements or explore a new subject.

For Instructional Appointees Only