Achieve Your Goals

Taking classes this summer can help you earn your degree on time, or even early! You can also use Summer Sessions classes to complete a minor, improve your GPA, complete an internship or study abroad later.

In Summer Sessions, you get to enjoy all the same benefits your tuition and fees provide like time at the SRC pool, free movie screenings from ASPB and free RTA bus rides with your R'Card. Just like the rest of the year, UCR offers financial aid to help qualified students pay for their Summer Sessions classes — be sure to have all of your forms in by the deadlines! 

You can afford to take classes this summer! Read on to learn how. 

2019 Summer Sessions Costs & Fees

Summer Sessions offer classes in multiple sessions, enabling you to earn units in the timeframe that works best for you. Take the classes you need in one or multiple sessions.


Summer Sessions Per-Unit Fees

Undergraduate Students: $283[1]

Graduate Students: $351[2]

Mandatory Campus Fees

In addition to your per-unit fees, over the summer you will also pay the same mandatory campus fees you pay the rest of the year. Fees are charged based on the length of session you attend. The maximum referendum fee charged for summer will be no more than the 10 week rate. 

  Main Sessions:
Session Undergraduate Fee[3] Graduate Fee[4]
A (5 weeks) $209.54 $158.79
B (5 weeks) $209.54 $158.79
F (10 weeks) $419.08 $317.57

Intensive Organic Chemistry and Lab Series Sessions:

Session Undergraduate Fee[3] Graduate Fee[4]
C1 (3 weeks) $125.72 $95.27
C2 (3 weeks) $125.72 $95.27
C3 (3 weeks) $125.72 $95.27

Special Summer Programs Sessions:

Session Undergraduate Fee[3] Graduate Fee[4]
D (7 weeks) $293.36 $222.30
E (7 weeks) $293.36 $222.30

Use the Cost Estimator to estimate your summer fees, or use the following method: multiply the total unit value you plan to take by the per-unit fee, then add the referendum fee for each session you plan to take.

For example:
Undergrad taking a 4 unit course in session A: $283 × 4 + $209.54 = $1341.54
Undergrad taking the 12 unit Org. Chem Series: $283 × 12 + $125.72 +$125.72+$125.72 = $3773.16

Fees are subject to change without notice at any time.

Additional Fees

You may also need to pay these additional fees for your Summer Sessions classes:

  • Course Materials and Services Fee

    Some departments charge Course Materials and Services Fees for specific classes. These fees cover the cost of the course materials and supplies you will use, special costs associated with the use of university-owned equipment, or the cost of other services that provide an educational benefit to you.

  • Late Enrollment Fee

    Each session has a designated late enrollment deadline. Enrolling after this date may result in a one-time $50 late enrollment fee. Visit the Dates & Deadlines page for enrollment deadlines for each session so you can avoid being charged this fee.

  • Single Document Fee

    Beginning in Fall 2018, UCR has implemented a one-time Single Document Fee, which covers the cost of transcripts, enrollment verifications, and more. First-time Summer-only visitors and incoming Fall 2019 admits who opt to take Summer 2019 courses will be charged $50. For more information about the Single Document Fee, please visit the Registrar’s website . 

  • Special Program Fees

    Click the links below for information and fees regarding FLEAP (Faculty-Led Education Abroad), HESA (Highlander Early Start Academy) and the Summer Academy for Advanced High School Students. 



    Summer Academy


  • Visiting International Student Fees

    Visiting international students may be subject to additional fees. Please visit the International Education Program (IEP) website for more information.

Additional Costs

Beyond paying for your Summer Sessions classes, you may need to cover these additional costs:

  • Housing

    Students are urged to make reservations in the Residence Halls for Summer Sessions as early as May 16. Please visit the Housing website or call (951) 827-6350 for more information.

  • Parking Permits

    All vehicles parked on the UCR campus Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m.–10 p.m. must display a valid UCR parking permit. More information about parking permits can be found at .

  • R'Cards

    UCR student ID cards are not mandatory but can be purchased for a fee. With an R'Card, you can borrow books from the library, attend campus events and even get free bus rides with RTA. Please visit the Card Services website for more information.

  • Transcripts

    You may request your transcript on R'Web or visit the Registrar's website for more information. There is no cost for regular transcripts; fees are charged for rush transcripts.

2019 Summer Sessions Financial Aid

You can afford Summer Sessions! The Financial Aid office  is here to help qualified UCR students pay for their classes. To see if you qualify for aid for the summer — and the rest of the year — you need to complete your Free Application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application by the March 2 deadline. 

UCR Financial Aid Applications School Codes
  • FAFSA: 001316
  • California Dream Act Application: 00136

After You Submit Your Aid Applications:
  • Submit all documents required to complete your financial aid application
  • Complete IRS Data
  • Submit any requested documents no later than April 15

Once you've submitted your FAFSA or California Dream Act Application, you can apply for summer aid at
  • Apply beginning March 1
  • Use your NetID and password to access the application
  • Submit your summer aid application by May 1
Aid Available to Undergraduate Students
  • Federal Pell Grants (with qualifying Expected Family Contribution, up to $5,328 EFC). NOTE: Due to congressional approval of year-round Pell awards, students who qualify for Pell Grants will now be eligible for an extra disbursement if they attend Summer Sessions.
  • Summer UCR Grants for students with an Expected Family Contribution up to $5,328 who are on-time applicants and who have financial need. (Refer to on-time deadlines above.)
  • Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans for dependent students 

Aid Eligibility

Financial aid may be available for summer classes if you are:
  • A current or incoming UCR undergraduate student
  • A current or new teaching credential/M.Ed. student admitted on a regular or conditional basis for fall 2019
  • A student at another UC (connect with financial aid at your home campus to discuss summer aid options)

Summer aid is not available if you are:
  • A UCR undergraduate who withdrew, cancelled or were dismissed, even if you were readmitted for fall 2019.
  • A new teaching credential/M.Ed. student admitted on a provisional bases for fall 2019.

If you submitted all required forms and met the Financial Aid office's deadlines, summer aid will appear on the Student Account Information option on your R'Web and will be applied to the summer term during the enrollment process. Your classes will be protected until June 14 while awards are being processed. Starting June 15, any fees not covered by financial aid are due in full by the end of business[5] (or on the day the student enrolled). Any balance due that is not paid by the end of business[5] will result in some or all of your classes being dropped. Any subsequent financial aid disbursements (e.g., for awards disbursed in July) will be refunded through your student account.

You must maintain satisfactory academic progress as of the end of spring quarter in order to be eligible for summer aid.


Undergraduate Aid Enrollment Requirements

Undergraduate students are required to enroll in at least 8 units to qualify for and be awarded for Summer UCR Grants. If you're a graduating senior who will complete your degree by the end of the winter quarter, you must enroll in at least 6 units to qualify for aid.

If your enrollment plans for the summer change, please notify the Financial Aid office as soon as possible. Students who do not enroll in the number of units or sessions reported on their summer aid application may have their summer awards reduced or canceled.

Attending Another UC This Summer?

Cross-campus applicants (UCR students who plan to enroll at another UC campus during Summer Sessions) must also meet these application deadlines and enrollment requirements. This includes students who plan to enroll in summer travel study programs through other UC campuses. If you enroll in Summer Sessions classes at another UC campus, that campus will automatically submit your transcript to UCR at the end of the summer. 


Teaching Credential/M.Ed. Enrollment Requirements

Teaching credential/M.Ed. students who are required by their program to enroll in summer courses may qualify to receive federal aid by enrolling in a minimum of 6 units.

Teaching credential and M.Ed. students enrolled for all three quarters of the 2018–19 academic year in addition to summer are limited to the annual maximum award limits from the Federal Direct Loan programs. Teaching credential students who are concurrently enrolled in the M.Ed. program are eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans and Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans only and do not qualify for Federal Pell Grants or Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans. Contact the Graduate School of Education regarding other fellowship assistance that may be available in the summer.

Aid Available to Teaching Credential Students
  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loans for M.Ed. Students

Students Enrolled in Other Summer Programs

If you are participating in Summer UCDC, Education Abroad or Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAP), you may be eligible for financial aid but should NOT complete the Request for Summer Aid.  The Financial Aid office will be notified directly by the program of your summer enrollment. If you have completed your 2019–20 FAFSA application or California Dream Application and submitted the required documents to the Financial Aid office by the April 15 deadline, you will then be awarded any aid for which you may qualify.

Veterans' Dependents' Educational Benefits

Active UCR students and admitted freshman/transfers/readmits who receive the fee waiver during the regular academic year will also receive the fee waiver automatically in the summer. Veterans' dependents who are visiting students from other UC campuses may use the veterans' dependents fee waiver while enrolled at UCR during the summer. Visiting students from other UC campuses will need to mail, email or fax a copy of their current authorization letter and a current proof of enrollment to the Summer Sessions office before the fee waiver can be applied. The per-unit tuition fee will be waived, but the Student Technology Fee (charged per unit), mandatory campus/referendum fees, and Course Materials and Services fee (as applicable) will still be assessed.

Summer Disbursements

Summer aid disbursements will begin approximately June 26 for students enrolled in sessions that begin on June 24, and refunds of any credit balance after summer fees and institutional charges are paid will be available approximately June 28. Financial aid refunds (for non-fee expenses) will not be available until after the first day of Summer Sessions. Disbursements for students enrolled in sessions with later start dates will be issued in late July or August, depending on the session start dates. Financial aid awarded to students who drop below 8 units (6 units for graduating seniors) is subject to revision and students may be billed for any aid disbursed to pay fees or issued in a refund.

Summer Sessions Payments

If you enroll in Summer Sessions classes on or before June 14, 2019, your fees are due in full by June 14, 2019. If you enroll in courses after June 14, 2019, your fees are due in full on the same day that you enroll (or the next available business day, if enrollment takes place on a weekend or holiday). If you have outstanding fees before the beginning of the Summer Sessions, you will need to pay off those charges before payment can be applied toward your summer fees.

Please note, the Deferred Payment Plan is not available for Summer Sessions enrollments.

Payment Methods
  • In Person
    Pay with cash, check or money order in person at the Cashier's office, located on the first floor of the Student Services Building, Monday-Friday 9am-12pm and 1-3pm. No credit card payments can be accepted at the Cashier's office.
  • Online
    You may pay with e-check (checking account) or a credit card (American Express, Discover Card, Master Card or Visa). Online payments can be made until 9 p.m. A nonrefundable service fee will be charged.
  • Financial Aid
    You might be eligible for summer aid. If you received a financial aid award for the summer, it may cover some or all of your tuition. Students receiving financial aid from another campus or another source must pay their fees immediately upon registration and arrange to be reimbursed by their campus or other source when their aid is disbursed.


Refunds may apply when you drop a course through R'Web within the allowed time frame. Please refer to the Dates & Deadlines page for refund deadlines for each specific session.

If you paid by credit card and are entitled to a refund, your credit card will be credited. If you paid by check, cash, money order or cashier's check, you will receive a check from Student Business Services. Please allow two to three weeks for processing from the time you officially drop the course on R'Web. Checks will be mailed to the address listed on your R'Web profile.

Course lab fees, materials fees, late fees and the online payment convenience fee are nonrefundable.

[1]The per-unit fee for undergraduate students consists of the $279 tuition fee and the $4 Student Technology Fee. Undergraduate UC students pay the per-unit tuition for the first 15 units enrolled.

[2]The fee for graduate students consists of the $349 tuition fee and the $2 Student Technology Fee. Graduate UC students pay the per-unit tuition only for the first 12 units enrolled.

[3]Undergraduate Referendum fees for summer 2019 are: Associated Students (ASUCR) Fee, Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) Fee, Division I Fee, Educational Opportunity Program Fee, Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP), Highlander Newspaper Fee, KUCR Fee, Recreation Center Fee, Recreation Center Expansion Fee, Student Center (Commons) Fee, Highlander Empowerment Student Services, Student Voice Initiative (SVI), Student Admission Plan (SSAP), UC Student Association Fee, UCR Student Services Fee. Please see the Quarterly Fees page for more details about each fee.

[4] Graduate Referendum fees for summer 2019 are: Graduate Student Association Fee, Recreation Center Fee, Recreation Center Expansion Fee, Student Center (Commons) Fee, UCR Student Services Fee. Please see the Quarterly Fees page for more details about each fee.