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Summer Sessions


UC Riverside's Summer Sessions is not your ordinary summer school. We combine over 600 available courses—including many high-demand classes—with a relaxed campus atmosphere and a convenient class schedule.

Why attend UCR's Summer Sessions?

  • Learn in a relaxed, fun atmosphere
  • Get ahead by taking prerequisites or intensive classes
  • Smaller class size means more opportunity for interaction with faculty
  • UCR's three to seven week sessions help you get through the class in less time than the traditional 10-week quarter
  • Classes are identical in focus and content to those taught in the rest of the year and units are transferable to most four-year universities, including all UC's.
  • Financial Aid is available to continuing UCR students

Register in 5 easy steps...

  • Complete a year of Organic Chemistry in just 9 weeks! Click here to learn more.
  • See the world and earn credits for it! Read more about Summer Study Abroad.
  • Invest in your success with Summer Bridge.
  • The Summer Sessions Catalog/Planning Guide will no longer be printed, but all the information is available on our website.
  • Summer Housing is available! Please call (951) 827-6350 or visit for more information. Summer housing contracts are available May 16th.

Who can attend UCR's Summer Sessions?

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