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Summer Sessions

2018 Summer Fees (subject to change)

Pay Your Summer Sessions Fees by June 15

For students who’ve already enrolled, Summer Sessions fees must be paid by June 15. Miss this deadline and you will be dropped from your summer quarter classes. If you enroll in Summer Sessions after June 15, your fees are due the day you enroll. You need to pay on time to maintain your enrollment.

Summer fees for Undergraduate students: $285 per unit*

Summer fees for Graduate students: $353 per unit*

* The per-unit fee includes a Student Technology Fee ($4 per unit for Undergraduate, and $2 per unit for Graduate students)

Mandatory Campus Fees (Referendum fees2,3) charged once per session:

SessionUndergraduate fee2Graduate fee3
A (5 weeks) $204.54 $164.08
B (5 weeks) $204.54 $164.08
C1 (3 weeks) $122.72 $98.45
C2 (3 weeks) $122.72 $98.45
C3 (3 weeks) $122.72 $98.45
D (7 weeks) $286.36 $229.71
E (7 weeks) $286.36 $229.71
F (10 weeks) $409.08 $328.16
Summer Sessions
Tuition Estimator*

Please select session(s) and unit loads:

* Calculated estimate includes only Mandatory Referendum Fees and per-unit tuition. Please refer to the course description at ( for any applicable course materials and/or services fee (CMSF) that are not included in the calculated estimate.

Did you know?

- Undergraduate UC students pay only for the first 15 units enrolled.
- Graduate UC students pay only for the first 12 units enrolled.
- No visiting or out-of-state fees are charged during summer.

Additional fees:

  • Course Materials and Services Fees

    Some departments charge Course Material Fees for specific classes. These fees cover the cost of course materials and supplies the student uses, special costs associated with the use of University-owned equipment, or the cost of other services that provide educational benefit to the student. These fees are non-refundable.

  • Late Enrollment Fee

    Each session has a designated late enrollment deadline. Enrolling after this date may result in a one-time $50 late enrollment fee.

  • Transcripts

    You may request your transcript on R'Web or visit the Registrar's Office website for more information.

  • Parking Permits

    All vehicles parked on the UCR campus between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday must display a valid UCR parking permit. Parking permits are only available online at

  • Student ID Cards

    UCR Student ID cards are not mandatory, but can be purchased for a fee. Please visit the UCR Card website for more information. 

  • Housing

    Students are urged to make reservations in the Residence Halls for summer sessions as early as May 16th. Please visit the Housing website or call (951) 827-6350 for more information.

  • International Student fees

    International students may be subject to additional fees. Please visit the International Education Program (IEP) website for more information.

  • Summer Academy Fees for High School Students

    Students taking classes through the Summer Academy for Advanced High School Students should visit the Summer Academy  website for more information on the program and fees.

  • Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs  

    Students participating in FLEAP should consult the program website for more information on the program and fees.

  • Veterans' Dependents' Educational Benefits

    Veterans' dependents who are currently enrolled UC students or admitted for the 2018 term may utilize Veterans' Dependents fee waivers during the summer  (students not currently enrolled in a UC are not eligible for this fee waiver).

1Payments are accepted at the Cashier’s office during their open hours; online payments can be made up to 9:00 PM (a non-refundable service fee is assessed for using online payment methods).

2 Undergraduate Referendum fees for Summer 2018 are: Associated Students (ASUCR) Fee, Associated Students Program Board (ASPB) Fee, Division I Fee, Educational Opportunity Program Fee, Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP), Highlander Newspaper Fee, KUCR Fee, Recreation Center Fee, Recreation Center Expansion Fee, Student Center (Commons) Fee, Highlander Empowerment Student Services, Student Voice Initiative (SVI), Student Admission Plan (SSAP), UC Student Association Fee, UCR Student Services Fee. Please see the Quarterly Fees page for more details about each fee.

 3 Graduate Referendum fees for Summer 2018 are: Graduate Student Association Fee, Recreation Center Fee, Recreation Center Expansion Fee, Student Center (Commons) Fee, UCR Student Services Fee. Please see the Quarterly Fees page for more details about each fee.

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