University of California, Riverside

Summer Sessions

Visiting Students 

Make UCR Your Home Campus This Summer!

Attend UC Riverside this summer in just 4 easy steps:

Submit our online application (If you have previously taken summer classes at UCR, your student ID number will be the same as it was previous years, but you still need to submit the application to re-activate your account).

    1. Choose your classes and clear any prerequisites.
    2. Enroll through R'Web.
    3. Pay for your courses by June 15th. 
      After June 15th, all fees must be paid in full by the end-of-business on the same day that you enroll. Payments are accepted at the Cashier’s office during their open hours; online payments can be made up to 9:00 PM (a non-refundable service fee is assessed for using online payment methods).

You are Considered a Visiting Student if:

  • You are a student from another institution
  • You are not attending a college or university (If you are looking for a certificate course, please contact UCR Extension).
  • You will graduate from UCR at the end of the spring quarter but are not admitted to the fall quarter.
  • You have previously graduated from a UC campus.
  • You are a UC Student in dismissed status.

Key Benefits of Taking UCR's Summer Sessions:

  • Complete your degree on time
  • Get into high demand classes
  • Avoid additional out-of-state tuition fees
  • Complete prerequisite, unfinished, and general education credits
  • Enjoy a relaxed campus and smaller classes
  • Convenient day and evening classes

Get Started Now!

  • Log on to to view available courses.
  • Transcripts of previous college work may be required to enroll in certain courses with prerequisites.
  • Please verify with your home institution that the courses taken at UCR will fulfill the specific requirements at your home institution and the credits and/or grades are transferable.

Please note: Admission to UCR's Summer Sessions is a separate and distinct procedure from regular admission to the University and does not give or imply admission to UCR for the Fall, Winter or Spring quarters. For information concerning admission to a regular quarter, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (951) 827-3411 or visit For inquiries regarding graduate studies, contact the Dean of the Graduate Division at (951) 827-2238 or visit Graduate Admissions 

More Information 

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Summer Sessions Information

UCR Summer Sessions
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Tel: (951) 827-3044
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