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The Summer 2018 application is now closed. 

The application is closed for Summer 2018. The Summer 2019 application will open on March 1st, 2019.

Special Studies Application (for enrollment in -198I, -298I or other variable unit courses)

Use this form if you are a UCR student and would like to enroll in any of the following: directed group study, independent study, research, or internship courses (190-290 series). Signature of approval is required from the instructor in charge for all students. An academic advisor's signature is additionally required for CNAS and BCOE students. The Summer Sessions Office will complete the enrollment process after receiving your form. Special studies are charged the per-unit fee and referendum fees for the full 10 week term.

Enrollment Adjustment Form

Use this form to request any of the following actions: add a course after R'Web is closed, enroll into a full course, withdraw from a course, change the grading basis of a course, waive prerequisites, or resolve a time conflict between two courses.  You must be an active UCR student and have a NetID and password to use this form. You must complete the form online, then print and submit the form with all the required signatures to the Summer Sessions' office by the posted deadline.

Exceptional Circumstances Petition

Use this form only in cases in which circumstances causing the situation are clearly beyond the student's control. To use this form, you must have a UCR netid and permpin/password . You MUST complete the form online, then print and submit the form with all the required signatures and supporting documentation to the appropriate office (more information below). A separate petition is required for each class, even if the explanation is the same.

Exceptional circumstances are defined as events that are beyond the student's control that prevent the student from meeting the applicable deadline(s). 

Examples of circumstances that are not exceptional (and will be denied) include, but are not limited to:

  • not needing or wanting a class
  • poor class performance
  • not knowing you were still enrolled in a class
  • not knowing the deadline or the procedure for changing your schedule
  • inability to pay for the class when the fees were due
  • having too heavy a course load
  • wishing to improve your GPA

Important Things to Consider:

  • In most circumstances, petitions should be filed before the course's final examination. Unexplained or excessive delay in filing a petition may be grounds for denial. Any delay in filing your petition must be accounted for in your explanation.
  • Your petition must be carefully prepared, thorough, clearly stated, and submitted in one complete packet. Your petition may be turned away, delayed or denied if it lacks necessary details/evidence. 
  • Any false or suspicious declarations submitted with a petition packet will automatically be sent to Student Conduct for review.

Once you have printed the form and obtained the signatures, you need to turn the form into the correct office.

If you are a visiting, non-UCR student, you must turn your petition into the Summer Sessions office. Please note that Summer Session's reserves the right to request additional clarification and/or documentation in support of a petition. If such a request is made, the student has 30 days (unless specified otherwise) from the date of the request to submit the information, or the petition will automatically be denied.

If you are a continuing or dismissed UCR student, you must turn your petition into the appropriate college office for review:

  • CNAS - Undergraduate Academic Advising Center, 1223 Pierce Hall
  • BCOE – Office of Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs, 1228 Student Services Building
  • CHASS – Student Academic Affairs, 3400 Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg.
  • SoBA – Undergraduate Business Program, 2340 Olmsted Hall 


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