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Cancelled courses Summer Sessions reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet minimum enrollments. Course cancellations are generally announced on or before the first day of class, and efforts are made to notify students before the class starts. In this unlikely event, full refunds of fees will be granted or applied to other summer courses.
Classification, and  Numbering Courses numbered:
001-099 = Lower Division
100-199 = Upper Division
200-299 = Graduate level
300-399 = Professional Courses
Course Corequisites Indicates that a student needs to sign up for a specific lab, workshop, or discussion section along with the lecture.
Course Prerequisites Indicates that another course, class standing, test, or specific grade is required prior to enrollment in a course. You will not be allowed to register for courses unless you have met the prerequisite(s). Contact the department that offers your course to request permission to enroll. This process will typically require providing your transcript and UCR student ID to the department.

Finals The final grade shall reflect the student's achievement in the course and shall be based upon adequate evaluation of that achievement. The instructor's methods of arriving at a grade must be clearly announced during the progress of the course. The methods may include a final written exam, a term paper, a final oral exam, a take-home exam, or other evaluation device. The final shall be given only at the time and place announced on the final exam schedule. No student shall be excused from assigned final examinations.
iLearn (Blackboard) In order to facilitate classroom communication and interaction, UCR provides the iLearn course management system to keep students and faculty connected once they leave the lecture hall. To sign in to iLearn please click here. If you have log-in problems, iLearn support is also available.
Incomplete Grades An incomplete grade is not counted in a grade point average. Coursework required by the instructor must be received by the end of the following Fall Quarter to avoid the "I" being changed to an "F". To receive an "I", your work must be of passing quality and there must be a good reason for not being able to complete the course. Submit your request for an Incomplete to your instructor prior to the day before exams. Note that requesting an incomplete may create special problems in making up course work when a course is being taught by visiting or temporary faculty.
R'Web R'Web places tools and resources right at your fingertips. In R'Web you can connect to your Facebook account, socialize and take care of UCR business all at the same time! Access your most important UCR applications, like Registration, R'Mail, iLearn, Schedule of Classes--get special Alerts about fees and due dates and "Shout-Outs" that'll tell you what's happening on campus.
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Special Studies (Variable-unit courses) When enrolling in directed group study, independent study, research or internship courses (190-290 series), you are required to obtain approval from the instructor in charge on your enrollment form prior to submitting it to the Summer Sessions office by mail, fax or in person. Online registration is not available for variable-unit courses. Please use the Special Studies Form.
Staff Discount Any current UC Riverside CAREER staff member who is appointed at half-time or more (for at least 6 months and subject to verification), and is matriculated during the regular academic year, may enroll in any summer session for a substantial reduction in fees. Lab fees and course material fees are additional. Please complete the application form (available in March) and a special career staff discount form to verify that attending classes will not conflict with your work schedule (department head/supervisor signature required). Casual positions do not qualify for this discount.
Time Conflicts If a course conflict is indicated on R'Web (overlaps with one or more courses in either days and /or times), you will receive an error message and will be asked to choose another course. Time conflicts will not be allowed without permission of the pertinent instructors. 
Transcripts Official transcripts can be requested on R'Web, or on the Registrar's website.
VA Information

Active UCR students and admitted freshman/transfers/readmits who receive the fee waiver during the regular academic year will also receive the fee waiver in summer. 
Visiting students from other UC campuses will need to mail or fax a copy of their current authorization letter and a current proof of enrollment to the Summer Sessions office before the fee waiver can be applied. 

Course fees will be waived and only applicable course materials/lab fees and referendum fees will be assessed, which will be due on the same day as enrollment. 

Important Note: Prior to 2001, Summer Session fees were not considered mandatory system wide fees. However, with the implementation of state-supported summer instruction, effective 2001, summer fees for matriculated UC students only, are exempt under this policy. Summer Session fees for visiting students will not be eligible for the exemption. This is a UC system-wide policy. Lab and referendum fees are not exempt for either UC or Visiting students.

Waitlist The class waitlist is an option that may be available for some courses during the enrollment period. If a department offers a waitlist and the course is full, you will be prompted to add to the waitlist.
Being on the waitlist does not guarantee eventual enrollment in the course. When a department ends its waitlist period, students who were not added to the course will be notified via UCR R'Mail that the course is full and the waitlist is no longer available.
When you choose to waitlist, consider how this may affect your financial aid eligibility and number of enrolled units if you are not able to eventually enroll in the course.

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