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Summer Sessions

UCR Students 

What Are Your Goals As A Student?

Are you looking to

  • get ahead in school
  • see the world
  • catch up on your studies
  • start a different major
  • graduate sooner?

The accelerated pace of our summer courses allows you to complete classes quickly, while still covering the same in-depth material presented throughout the fall, winter and spring quarters.

Key Benefits:

  1. Complete your degree on time
  2. Get into high demand classes
  3. Complete prerequisites, general education or upper division requirements
  4. Enjoy a relaxed campus and smaller classes

Current UCR Students:

You are considered a current UCR student if you are in good standing, you are enrolled in the spring quarter and you are continuing in the fall quarter, or if you are enrolled in the spring quarter and are planning to graduate in Summer 2017.

You may choose your classes just like during the regular year and go directly to R'Web to register for courses beginning April 3.
Please check your R'Web account (beginning March 1st) to see your assigned Time Ticket. 

  • Incoming Freshmen and Students Readmitted for Fall 2017

If you have  been admitted to the UCR campus for the fall quarter as either a freshman or a transfer student, you should be able to enroll in courses through R'Web.

If you have officially applied for readmission to UCR and have been readmitted for the fall quarter, you will still need to submit the online application to be admitted for the summer.

If you are a high school senior who has already been admitted to UCR for the upcoming fall quarter and need to take English or Math courses, the Highlander Early Start Academy may help you get a head start on your collegiate career.

  • UCR Students in Dismissed or Lapsed Status

In order to apply credit and grade points earned in the summer sessions toward a degree, UCR students in dismissed or lapsed status need specific approval from their advisor or the Dean of the college they wish to be readmitted to.

Please complete the online application. Once the Summer Sessions office has processed your application, you will receive an email instructing you to see an academic advisor. If your advisor is agreeable to your summer plans, he/she will give you permission to register. You may then go to R'Web to enroll. Students in dismissed/lapsed status will be considered visiting students for the summer..

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