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Summer Sessions

Instructions for GROWL

Enrolling through GROWL

Students sign up for summer classes through the GROWL enrollment website.

  1. Go to GROWL
  2. Enter your Student ID number (86*-**-****)
  3. Enter your PERMPIN (******)
  4. Enter your date of birth and click 'OK'
  5. If you are logging on for the first time, you will need to fill out the Emergency Notification screen
  6. Choose the "Advising/Enrollment" button in the left menu
  7. Choose "2016 Summer Quarter" in the drop down menu and click 'OK'
  8. Add, drop, wait-list or change a section by the published deadlines for the session your course is in:
    • Adding Courses Through GROWL

    -You can add courses on GROWL up until the published deadline for the session of your course. (If you need to make a change after this deadline, please submit the Summer Sessions Enrollment Adjustment Form to the Summer Sessions office. See form for instructions and session-specific deadlines.)  

    - For the most current class information go to the Online Schedule of Classes, choose the courses for which you wish to enroll, and gather the 5-digit call numbers for each section (some courses require enrollment in a co-requisite, such as a Discussion, Lab, Workshop, Additional Lecture, besides the Lecture. Gather all the necessary call numbers before starting to add them on GROWL.)

    - Go back to GROWL and enter one call number per line. Make sure that "ADD" is selected in the drop-down menu for each line.

    - Click "OK." The screen will show that you are enrolled (if you received an error message, please see solutions below).

    - Continue with steps 10-13 to complete your enrollment.

    Error notes and solutions:

    There may be error notes that appear in red:

    • Prereq req;.......... - contact the academic department that is offering the course for permission to enroll. You may need to submit a transcript to them.
    • Reg Rqd;.......... - you must choose a co-requisite section (e.g. discussion or lab) and enter both call numbers for the course before clicking "OK."
    • TC - .......... - the sections you are trying to enroll in are in time conflict with each other; please choose another section if available, or chose another course.
    • Section closed - there are currently no seats available in this section; please choose another section if available.
    • Section Closed with Waitlist - no seats available, but you can choose to waitlist for this section (see instructions below).
    • Closed Restriction - this class is reserved for specific majors; contact the academic department for permission to enroll.
    • Dropping Courses Through GROWL

    You can add courses on GROWL up until the published deadline for the session of your course. To drop a course, select "DROP" from the action menu for that class. You must also drop associated laboratory or discussion sections when you drop a lecture section. Press "OK." The status will show "Dropped." Once the drop deadline has passed, you will no longer be able to drop the course on GROWL.

    • Waitlisting Courses

    If a department offers a waitlist and the course is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist. Choose "WAITLIST" from the menu selection for that course, and click "OK." You will be added to the list if you meet the course prerequisites. If space becomes available, you will be automatically enrolled in the course and an e-mail notification will be sent to your R'MAIL account.

    Students who enroll on the waitlist MUST monitor their GROWL account daily for notification of being added. If added from a waitlist, all fees are due in full by the end-of-business1 on the day added, or the following business day if added on a weekend.

    (1The Cashier's office closes at 3:00 PM; online payments can be made up to 9:30 PM. A non-refundable convenience fee is assessed for using online payment methods.)

    When the waitlist period ends, students who were not added to the course will be notified via R'Mail that the course is full and the waitlist is no longer available.

    If you are enrolled in a laboratory or discussion section you may waitlist for one other section that is full. After you have completed your enrollment in the first section, return to the enrollment menu and enter the call number for the section you want to waitlist, choose "waitlist" from the action menu, and submit your request. Your course confirmation will reflect enrollment in the first section and wait-list status in the second.

    If you change your mind about a waitlisted section, you must drop yourself from the list for that section. Otherwise, you will be placed in the section if space becomes available.

  9. Click on the "Summer Fees" link to view your fees and select payment method (see further instructions for the pay-as-you-go system on GROWL's "Summer Fees" page or on our Payment Information page).
  10. Select the "Classes" button before exiting and confirm your classes.
  11. Exit GROWL (this is necessary to ensure no one else has access to your account).
  12. Quit your web browser.


  • GROWL includes security elements to safeguard your personal information. However, you should also take certain precautions to make sure no one else can access your records.
  • Keep your PERMPIN confidential. The PERMPIN is required to access your records.
  • Set the cache (data that a web browser records on a computer's hard disk to speed its display of information) of your web browser to zero, so your information is not retained in the computer's memory, where it could be viewed by another user. Check your browser's preferences for information on how to set the cache to zero.
  • If you did not set your cache to zero, be sure to clear (empty) the cache before you exit GROWL . Check your browser's preferences for information on how to clear the cache.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in. Someone could access your records while you are away from the computer. The system will automatically disconnect if there is no activity for 10 minutes.
  • Always remember to exit the system when you are done by clicking "Log off Growl " and closing the browser.

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